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Akhal-Teke is the oldest of the cultural breeds of horses.

They are very hardy and intelligent, and also differ doglike devotion.Akhal-Teke horse - a real work of art in the field of breeding, the result of the work of many generations of horse breeders, the legacy of the great horse breeding cultures of antiquity.

Under the saddle the Akhal-Teke are very comfortable: they have a soft and comfortable gait for the rider. You can ride 15-20 kilometers without getting tired and with enjoying.

AkhaltekeWorld.com was created in order to help you find your ideal Akhal-Teke horse. The site contains only thoroughbred Akhal-Teke horses from Russian studs.

Katerina Ruran
co-founder of AkhaltekeWorld.com

I have been in the equestrian sphere for almost 30 years, the last 15 years I have been engaged by Akhal-Teke horses. My horses are well trained, they regularly take prize places at exhibitions, bring pedigreed offspring.

I understand the Akhal-Teke horses and will help you find your ideal Akhal-Teke.

Katerina Ruran and Bulana

My Akhal-Teke horses:

Akhal-Teke stallion Sultan-Girey

Stallion Sultan-Girey

I bought it in early 2006 when it was a one year old colt.He was born on March 23, 2005 in equestrian sports club "Argamak".
  • In the same year he won first place in the ring of yearlings at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2006" in Saint-Petersburg, Russia and he became the absolute champion of the exhibition "North Star". It was the first our victory.
  • In 2006 he got the seventh place at the World Championships in Moscow, Russia.
I sold him in the summer of 2007 to Finland.

Mare Putinka

  • Сhampion of the Hipposphere-2007
  • Сhampion of the Hipposphere-2008
  • Absolute champion of the Akhal-Teke show on All-Russian horse games 2008
  • First place in the ring of old mare ring at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2009"
  • 5 place at the World Championships 2009 in Moscow, Russia
  • 3 place at the World Championships 2010 in Moscow, Russia
  • She got into the calendar for 2010 "The Best Akhal-Teke of the World "
She died in 2014. Putinka was magnificent!!! I am afraid that I will never have such a horse.
Alhal-Teke mare Putinka
Akhal-Teke mare Ruhama-Shael'

Mare Ruhama-Shael'

She was born in 2010 in Vladimir Shamborant Shael stud. I bought her at the end of 2012.
  • Second place at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2012"
  • Fourth place at the World Championships "Horses in the style of Shael" in 2014 in Moscow, Russia
  • First place at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2014"
  • Fourth place at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2015"
At the moment she is for sale.

Mare Bulana

She was born in 2006 in Dagestan stud farm.
  • First place in the ring of old mare ring at the exhibition "Hipposphere-2017"
Akhal-Teke mare Bulana

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